Electrify more

The Swedish Transport Administration is going to build one of the world’s first permanent electric roads, as one element of the objective to reduce emissions from heavy traffic.

The new electric road, which will run between Hallsberg and Örebro on the E20, will be taken into operation in 2025. This initiative is just the first step in a long-term strategy; the Swedish Transport Administration is already planning to add another 3,000 sq.m. to enable the charging of electrified vehicles while travelling.

Whichever solution is used will depend on continued technical developments as well as on which international standard will apply in future.

The transport sector accounts for one third of Sweden’s greenhouse gas emissions. This means that the new electric road is one of the key initiatives in achieving the goal of reducing emissions from transport by 70% within a ten-year period, thereby also helping to meet the EU’s climate goals.

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