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Punt Val Mulinaun, Switzerland

High-quality waterproofing of a bridge is generally carried out using mastic asphalt. This is all the more true if there are increased stresses due to climatic conditions or traffic loads. One example is the Punt-Val-Mulinaun arch bridge on the Oberalpstrasse H19 in Graubünden, Switzerland.

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Norway's new super bridge

The Hålogaland bridge is located 300 km north of the Arctic Circle, and crosses a fjord by the city of Narvik in northern Norway.

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The bridge builder - Öresunds Bridge

When a new bridge is built it involves major investments, strict quality requirements and an ability to efficiently coordinate different technical teams.

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The high coast bridge in Ångermanland, Sweden

The High Coast Bridge is one of the biggest suspension bridges in the world. The geographical location places great demands on the structure's insulation and surfacing systems.

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The Sundsvall Bridge, Sweden

The newly constructed section of highway E4 trough Sundsvall is a major project with a price tag of roughly SEK 4.6 billion. The construction work began in spring 2011 and was completed in 2014.

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Avonmouth Bridge, Bristol, UK

Avonmouth bridge on the M5 motorway near Bristol, UK, is heavily trafficked and the deck of its steel central and anchor spans – to quote the Highways Agency (HA) – 'displays significant movement'.

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Inchbonny Bridge, Scotland

Inchbonny bridge carries the former Edinburgh - Newcastle public road (now A68) over Jed Water. The existing single span reinforced concrete arch replaced the original hump-backed crossing in 1926 and has recently been showing its age.

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