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Prosjektbeskrivelser nedenfor gir deg spesifikk informasjon om hvor og hvordan produktene brukes.

Orust, north of Gothenburg in Western Sweden

The addition of Nygen 910 opens up the possibility of using higher proportions of recycled material in asphalt mixtures.

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King's Street, Aberdeen, Scotland

A new specialist product developed by Leiths which uses a Nynas warm-mix binder enhances surface friction and provides an alternative to High Friction Surfacing (HFS).

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UL. Bułgarska w Poznaniu

Bułgarska street in Poznań runs beside a football stadium and links two busy roads, Grunwaldzka street and Bukowska Steet. Two lanes wide, Bułgarska street was heavily trafficked.

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Dahl - Bruchhausen, Germany

The aim of the contract was to protect with a thin layer the structure of the road and to improve the existing surface, both in terms of grip and of repairing minor damage to the surface. The project was also used to demonstrate the capability of thin surfacing layer to reduce noise by 4dB(A) or more.

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Kouvola, Eastern Finland

Nynas' culture of technical innovation and drive to meet ever changing demands has led to the development of a new road oil, made of vegetable flux and soft bitumen V1500. The result is Nyflow Fv 600.

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Årsunda, Sweden

Road 273 outside Sandviken in Sweden needed resurfacing and the use of recycled material was required. The contractor, NCC Roads AB, suggested using a paving technique that consumed less energy on part of the route.

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Wierzbowa Street, Wysogotowo near Poznan, Poland

Wierzbowa Street in Wysogotowa is a local road with a high volume of traffic: there are numerous manufacturing companies located alongside the road, and it provides a short cut between National Road 92 and Provincial Road 307.

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Improved performance with Nynas Fleximuls

Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) in remote west Wales runs an extensive programme of surface dressing to keep its roads in good condition in a cost effective and sustainable way. Such preventative maintenance means that, in general, the council’s roads have few potholes and feedback from road users is usually positive.

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