Application areas

Our product offer is divided into three application areas focused on how they are used by our customers; hot & warm mix applications, cold & semi-warm applications and industrial applications.

Hot & Warm Mix Applications

Nynas provides a wide range of paving-grade bitumen as well as modified and specialist binders for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) applications. HMA and WMA are highly versatile construction materials. They deliver value and performance based solutions across a broad spectrum of applications and uses.

The demands placed on infrastructure are continually increasing. Not only in terms of higher performance due to increasing traffic, but also in terms of value delivery – less environmental impact, less traffic disruption, less noise, improved safety and less impact on society. Asphalt needs to deliver best value throughout the supply chain – in the short, medium and long term – for all users and that is what Nynas' binders deliver.

Cold & Semi Warm Applications

Nynas provides a wide range of bitumen solutions for application temperatures below 100°C. This includes products used in applications such as tack and bond coats, surface dressing, cold mixes, foam mixes and semi-warm mixes.

There is an important industry focus on developing paving applications which require reduced levels of natural resources and consume less energy. This is an area where Nynas has put a lot of effort and over the years introduced industry-first solutions. Our products formulated for cold and semi-warm applications is broadening an already comprehensive toolbox of options available to the industry.

Industrial applications

For industrial applications, Nynas provides specialist bitumen binders with a focus on performance. Our products in this application area support customer solutions that protect against moisture, heat, sound, vibrations and electricity.


 Jane Dunne

Jane Dunne

UK Bitumen Sales Director

 Sarah Badley

Sarah Badley

Sales Manager - England

Bernard Murphy

Technical Sales Manager - Scotland