Nynas supports academic studies in Türkiye

Throughout the world, Nynas has a longstanding tradition of collaboration with institutions of higher education. In Türkiye, our General Manager now teaches classes at two of the country’s most prestigious universities.

For the past seven years, Devrim İldiri, General Manager of Nynas Türkiye, has been a lecturer at the course "Energy Policies and Planning" at the Department of Industrial Engineering at Galatasaray University in Istanbul.

Devrim Ildiri

General Manager
Nynas Türkiye

In 2023, his involvement as a teacher expanded to include "Managing Energy Transition", a new class held at the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics at Koç University, another leading institution of higher learning in the Turkish metropolis.

"The transition towards sustainable energy sources and the reduction of carbon emissions are crucial goals in today's global landscape," remarked Mr. İldiri on the course's focus. "Investing in new energy technologies and adopting sustainable practices in the industrial sector are key to achieving net-zero emissions."

By engaging with the academic community, Nynas seeks to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience in the sustainable energy field, fostering the development of young talent and future industry leaders.

"I aim to equip students with the vision and knowledge to effectively manage the energy transition process, from theory to practice. This involves navigating the risks and opportunities associated with shifting energy paradigms, as well as uncovering the myriad opportunities for career growth and business innovation.”

The newly introduced course at Koç University goes beyond simply teaching about the energy sector, but also provides a solid foundation on critical issues of our time, including policy, business, technology, and environmental protection.

"These university collaborations are an expression of my personal commitment, and Nynas's corporate dedication, to inspire and contribute to the future of the energy sector. We aim to prepare students to take on leadership roles in the industry, with a solid foundation for making a global impact."

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