I nära samarbete med våra kunder utvecklar vi oljor för användning i ett antal applikationer där de fyller en viktig roll i kundens produkter och processer. Hållbara oljor som skapar hållbart värde.

Bitumen - Paving

At Nynas, we are continually developing bitumen and its functional performance in a wide variety of applications. Our long-standing focus on bitumen has earned us the reputation of being the “bitumen specialist”.

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Bitumen - Industrial

For industrial applications, Nynas provides specialist bitumen binders with a formulation and a focus on performance. Our binders work as insulation against water, moisture, heat, sound, vibrations and electricity.

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Transformer oils

Nynas is the world’s leading supplier of transformer oils with the widest product range on the market.

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Base oils

Nynas provides naphthenic base oils for greases, industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids. Coming in a broad range of viscosities and with different degrees of refining, Nynas base oils are the best choice or a wide range of applications.

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Process oils

Nynas provides naphthenic process oils for different applications like adhesives, printing inks, TPE and fertilizers.

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Tyre & Rubber oils

With a local presence and a global supply chain, we offer fast and reliable solutions to meet the demands of the market - anywhere in the world.

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