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Printing tiles perfectly

Naphthenic oil performs very well as a liquid vehicle in ceramic inkjet ink formulations, a recent comparative study has established. This is good news for the ceramics industry, as inkjet technology is now widely used for printing patterns on tiles.

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Fertile formulations

Having established in-house coating and testing of solid fertiliser, a Nynas researcher finds that naphthenic process oils offer coating formulations capable of reducing both dust and caking issues.

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The brains of Nynas: Anna Eriksson

Anna Eriksson has held various positions in Nynas since 2006, covering product development, quality, customer support, research and application-specific education. She currently holds the position of Technical Manager Chemical Industry, coordinating technical activities with industry, customers, academia, test institutes and authorities. Find out what's on her mind.

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Solvency offers great solutions

High solvent power is the secret of the success of naphthenic oils in chemical applications. Anna Eriksson, Technical Manager, Nynas Naphthenics, offers a couple of examples that explain why.

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Nappy change no problem

Disposable nappies are changing, but not to the naked eye. The change is hidden in the polymers that make up the adhesives in their non-woven materials. Will Nynas specialty oils work in the ever-changing adhesives market?

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Hot solution for hot melts

By boosting the compatibility of ingredients, naphthenic mineral oils are providing hot melt adhesive manufacturers with new and more flexible formulations

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Mineral oil adhesives in metallocene polyolefin hot melts

During the past few years, metallocene polyolefin elastomers (mPO) have become significant market players and are growing continuously in several industrial segments.

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Solubility the most important property – but difficult to measure

Solubility properties are crucial to process oils, particularly in relation to substances that need to be dissolved. Marika Joona, technical co-ordinator at Nynas R&D department, has investigated whether Hildebrand's solubility parameter can be used to describe the properties of process oils.

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Connecting the dots

Pär Wedin at Nynas proposes a shift from one point to another one, from aniline point to turbidity point. Now, standardisation bodies SIS and ISO are mulling over his proposal.

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Naphthenic oil improves artificial fertilisers

The use of fertilisers around the world to boost agricultural production is both vital and constantly under critical scrutiny. Developing products that provide optimum benefits both economically and from an ecological viewpoint is an important challenge for the artificial fertiliser producer. Very small quantities of oil are employed in the production of fertilisers. The market demands optimal products and every link of the chain must be taken into consideration, including the properties of the oil being used.

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Assisting an agent

Compatible with all sorts of rubber, naphthenic oil facilitates the dispersion of insoluble sulfur, the vulcanising agent used in the production of tyre rubber. Anna Eriksson explains how this helps improve the quality of the final rubber.

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