Partners in research

With its high focus on R&D, MORESCO Thailand’s partnership with Nynas has shown great success and resulted in a new type of product in the company’s portfolio.

Case story

Moresco Thailand

  • CHALLENGE: Develop a glass release agent that lives up to the highest quality standards.
  • SOLUTION: Use a naphthenic oil in the lubricant to achieve perfect mould temperature control.
  • RESULT: Excellent performance in glass bottle production processes.

MORESCO Corporation

  • Founded in 1958
  • 694 employees
  • Annual sales of JPY 26 billion
  • Main products: die casting lubricants, cutting fluid, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, vacuum pump oil, hot melt adhesives, lubricants for high temperatures

MORESCO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

  • Established in June 1995
  • 81 employees
  • Production facility of 8,700 m2
  • Annual sales of THB 530 million

Research and development is at the centre of all activities at MORESCO. Established by a group of young researchers in 1958 as Japan’s domestic producer of special lubricants, the company is now a specialist supplier to customers in a large number of markets, two of the most important being the automotive and hygiene industries.

“We aim to contribute to the development of society and shine on the global stage as a specialist in water, oil, and macromolecules by responding to industry needs in the field of interface science – the study of friction, wear and other phenomena in areas where objects come into contact with one another,” says Nobuhiro Sewaki, President of MORESCO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

The Thai subsidiary was established in 1995 as the first stage of an international expansion. Today, MORESCO has a large presence throughout Asia, but also in the United States. At the facility in Chonburi, about an hour’s drive from Bangkok, production is primarily focused on die casting lubricants, cutting fluids, forging lubricants and fire-resistant hydraulic fluids.

MORESCO’s products function as lubrication, adhesion and surface protection in the boundary area where objects come into contact. Since such boundary areas exist in large numbers in most manufacturing industries, there is an almost infinite number of potential applications for the company’s products and know-how.

“As a specialist company, our constant challenge is to create new, one-of-a-kind products, expanding into novel fields where we can make use of our experience and high knowledge of purification, blend and synthesis technologies,” adds Mr Sewaki.

One such new product, released in spring 2017, is the result of a ten-month long product development collaboration with Nynas. The aim was to create a mould release lubricant that maintains temperature. Since Nynas naphthenic oils have excellent cooling properties, they help avoid heat build-up in the mould during long production periods.

“We are very happy with the end result, which shows great commercial potential,” observes Mr Sewaki. “Nynas has truly supported us like a friend in this process. Projects of this type are difficult and take time, but Nynas has remained with us – we succeeded together, but we would also have failed together.”

The next step in the two companies’ partnership is to focus more on metalworking fluids. In this case too, MORESCO’s R&D department will work closely with Nynas’ specialists in taking the product from idea to commercialisation.

“Nynas base oils have good characteristics that help us enhance our product performance, extend the product line and strengthen our competitiveness. And since their portfolio is much more than only base oils, they are able go further when it comes to helping us find new materials and ideas for new products and applications,” concludes Nobuhiro Sewaki.

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